Cyber Security

At the top of most corporate IT goals is ensuring the security of the company’s digital information and systems. Threats to these systems and information are popping up virtually every day. For this reason, it is crucial to implement a comprehensive IT security plan. This plan enables a fast and reliable emergency response when needed and provides consistent IT infrastructure and network protection. At Digital Maelstrom, we offer holistic IT security services to protect your business assets and respond effectively in the case of security breaches or breakdowns.



We Offer:

Application security solutions
Help test software applications for vulnerabilities during development and testing stages, and protect them against attacks when running in production.


Pen Testing
Penetration Testing services enables you to address exploratory risk analysis and business logic testing so you can systematically find and eliminate business-critical vulnerabilities in your running web applications and web services, without the need for source code.


Endpoint security
Deployed on endpoint devices like servers and employee workstations, prevent threats like malware and unauthorized access and help detect and stop breaches as they happen.


Network security

Monitor network traffic, identify potentially malicious traffic, and enable the organization to block, filter, or otherwise mitigate threats.


Internet of things (IoT) security
Help gain visibility and apply security controls to the growing network of IoT devices, which are increasingly used for mission-critical applications and store sensitive data, yet are often unsecured by design.


Cloud security
Help gain control over complex public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, by detecting security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, and helping to remediate them.